1.2 Billion People but only one Language, why?

16 November 2017

There is no doubt to the fact that how old are we or how ancient our roots are. If we were to talk about the facts on India, not just a lot but more to that “a lot” is there. From inventing the zero to discovering water on the moon, from being the second largest English speaking country to having 22 official languages, the country has a lot more to it.

India is now drifting towards the next phase of development. With increasing use of AI technology and multi-platform apps, our country is becoming the real-time witness of many great times. But the governance for the apps used by the billion people breathing in this diverse nation is still restricted to only one language. Now the what nation wants to know from the nation only is just a one-word question – why?

Why are the billion people of this country still using the apps in only one language, i.e., English?

Maybe because –

1. It can hurt the ego.
2. It can portray you as a less educated person to the rest of the society where everybody is thinking the same.
3. We don’t have any other option or maybe we don’t want any other option.
4. We are more comfortable in this one language but just imagine the comfort level you will see if the apps start coming in the language of your state or region.The above-mentioned points are the assumptions made just to figure out the exact reason for a much simpler question asked in the first instance.

There is a reason or the answer to satisfy the hunger of this question but as stated above, the “nation wants to know from the nation” only. Therefore, it is now you and your responsibility towards the nation, towards your culture, and towards your languages to find the reason.

For those who may find it irrelevant then we can give you a heads up on the same. The following points will certainly make you think to find the reason or understand the gravity to answer the above-asked question –

a) A language is the carrier of expressions and in today’s world, an app is a mode for these languages. Now how could   you convey your expression better if the language used by the app isn’t familiar to you or less familiar?

b) Being a part of the largest democracy, don’t you find that you are being dictated by one language. One out of the seven fundamental rights given to us by the constitution somewhat seem to be violated when we are told to use the apps in one language only. For more information visit India App Store.

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c) The real strength of a country is only determined by the way its culture and languages are protected. Don’t you think, implementing the Indian dialects in the applications will induce a stronger vibe to it ?


India App Stores connecting Digital India

d) Last but not the least, we Indians are quite emotional. With 80 percent of our cinema revolving around the emotions and apps connected more to our day to day lives, its high time that we start having the apps emotionally connected to us as well.


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