5 Reason- why India needs an Indian App Store?

28 August 2017

It is known to everyone of us that the requirement is the mother of invention. Honestly, this only satisfies our today’s question – why India needs an India App Stores? But then what led to this demand and need is what we will discuss today in this blog. Apart from anything, everything leads to the need and that’s why we are here with the 5 Reason on why India needs an Indian App Store?

Reason 1 – Language Barrier –

If it is to be seen precisely then more than 80 percent of our country’s population is less interested in the language but all the applications come in this one language only. Therefore, the creators of India App Stores made a decision to break this language barrier or restriction of multi-lingual apps and hence the need as well as reason.

Reason 2 – High-cost sign up –

The android developers had to pay high fees on signing up to the app stores so as to put their apps on the app store. But with India App Stores, you are exempted from any charges and voila, the need!

Reason 3 – Promoting the MADE IN INDIA initiative –

The prime minister of this country when decided to put the Made In India initiative on a fast track, everyone started coming up with some or the other new thing. In a race to contribute to the growth of the nation, how could India App Stores stay behind and hence the step?

Reason 4 – More open and transparent market place –

The need to give the developers of Android why India needs an Indian App Store?platform with a more open and transparent marketplace became more necessary. Therefore, when India App Stores got launched, the developers could now get a more wide and focused platform and hence earn instant money.

Reason 5 – Emotions –

The one and the only reason that can make any Indian thing incomplete. We Indians have a take tagged along with emotions for everything we come up with. Moreover, these are the emotions that make us feel more connected to every new thing. Also, the creators of the India App Stores are Indians and hence you can’t miss that sense of emotions.

Summarizing –
IndiaAppStroes is not just an innovative step but more of a contributing step for –

1. Growth of the nation.
2. Enhanced app experience.
3. Best platform for the Android Developers.

Now that all the reason have come into your knowledge, we now expect that the answer to the question why India needs an Indian App Store? is more clear. For more queries or info, visit the website. If you are the developer then you can easily sign up on our website by just entering few basic details on our portal.

Be Indian, be IASian!

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