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26 May 2017

Today, technology has taken over many sectors of the modern world. From grocery shopping to paying phone bills, everything has become online. And with all these technical urbanisations, here is something that is continuously making human life easy. Mobile applications! Yes, mobile applications are the one which is continuously changing and making human life easier. Keeping India is context we all know that India is still a developing nation. Hence digitalisation is yet to take over the country’s balance. However, with current Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative of Make in India, India is fast growing into a digital nation.

At India App stores, we have come up with an idea to implement Modi’s Make in India along with some practical business that can help our nation to become a digital nation in just no time.

How is India App stores implementing Make in India methodologies?

India App stores is a brand new platform that is designed for the Indian society. We are a platform brand that provides different applications to the users for different purposes. There are various ranges of mobile application available at India App stores for you to download them and use. Being an Indian initiative our first priority to digitalise India with the help of best developers and IT companies of the countries that are continuously striving to provide the best to the Indian market.

We at India App Stores provide a resource for both the developers and users. While developers can upload their applications, users can either download them. Thus we are trying to build a common platform where all developers and necessary users will come together to share their good deed and take a step towards the digitalization of India through this Make in India method.

Working background of India App stores:

India App stores is a brand new platform interface for mobile applications. At India app stores we strive to bring the best to our customers by associating our name with the developers. IT developers are the best shot to bring an effective change in the Indian technical market. The way we function is very simple yet effective. We provide a common platform to both developers and users. We allow the developers to upload their apps on our platform for free so that users can get familiar to them.

Some of the stellar features of India App stores are:

  • On each app that you upload as a developer, you get a cashback of 250 INR
  • Sign ups for developers are free of cost
  • A sole Indian platform for all Indian developers and users.
  • The applications available are in various native languages of India thus enabling all types of users to use it.
  • It is specially designed to bring forward the developers and IT companies of India thus encouraging Make in India progress.

India App stores aims at bringing the Indian developers from IT companies at one platform so as to bring an effective digital growth.

To promote Make in India we need voluntary brands that implement the idea in all their projects. India App stores is an Indian platform that aims at making India a digital nation. For more information visit:-

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