As Indians, where are we heading?

1 February 2018

A country where 1600 dialects run along with 22 national languages, it comes to deep sorrow for every 1.25 Billion Indian while considering the English language as the supreme mate. This is actually not a myth, not even a fact but a forced upon process which has led us to think, react and perceive its pseudo impact.

Yes, we speak with this blog to talk about an ongoing “why does nation not understand the reality” question. The world is witnessing multiple shifts in different sectors of development, yet our nation continues to struggle with this question. But enough of the struggle, its time to put things together as well as in the right order. Before advancing to the crux, here’s a detour for what has been happening since the day Britishers left our country. The nation got divided into two unofficial segments, one those who speak English and use the Internet while the other who speak Indian languages.