Developers can Transform India as a Digital Nation!

1 June 2017

India is a developing nation and so are its resources and technologies. India Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi is continuously striving to transform India into a digital nation. However, one person alone is not sufficient to make that transformation in a huge country like India. Hence immense support is needed. But who shall support the nation? The answer is the developers in IT companies. Yes IT companies are the best shot who can bring a great digital transform in India.

Do you remember Mr. Narendra Modi shouting out Make in India policies for India? The digital campaign, Make in India when implemented into work by it companies can bring immense change to the nation. Hence, with this aim in mind, India App stores have come forward to with a unified platform for both IT companies and the users.

How can developers in IT companies help create digital India?

You must be wondering how developers in IT companies can help India become a digital nation. Well, we have the answer. The solution is quite simple. We just have to bring the companies in contact with the targeted users. India App stores is doing exactly the same.

India App stores is a digital platform where different varieties of mobile applications are available for download and sell. India App stores aims to bring both users and IT companies developing mobile applications for one platform. IT companies are continuously created and developing different mobile applications. What if we make these applications accessible to the users?

With the help of the developers in IT companies, we are trying to fill our platform with gamut range of mobile applications. These developers are not just innovating enough to create such useful mobile applications but also technologically updated with the newest technologies in the market. Thus, preferring developers from IT companies can be a big shot in developing India into a digital nation.

Our stellar features:
India App stores is a brand platform that aims at bringing the users and the developers in IT companies at one place. Being a solely India platform, we aim at reconstructing the technological background of India.

India App stores provides mobile applications to the users. Some of the best features of India app stores are:

India App stores provides a unique platform for both users and developers of mobile applications to buy and sell their products.

In the 21st century, mobile applications are one of the most important requirements of every citizen. From booking the tickets to paying bills, everything is application based. Hence India App stores is providing a wide platform for people who lead an app dependent life.

India App stores provides free sign ups for the developers in IT companies.
For encouraging the developers to sell their app to Indian citizen we provide 250 INR cash back for every app that you upload on India App stores portal.

It supports a wide variety of application interface.

India is a fast growing digital nation and with a platform like India app stores, India can soon become the biggest digital nation of the world. This platform will expose the capabilities of our Indian Developers locally and internationally. For more information visit:

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