“Future of Internet Communication in India?! Embrace Native lingua, shoo away English!”

12 January 2018

What if you are in a mood to make some mouth watering and lip smacking mango pickle and you need a quick recipe? All you usually do is to pick up your savior smartphone, connect to the internet and start searching for the recipe. Now here comes the frustrating part. You want an app that accepts and returns the results in your own language, say, Punjabi.

Take another instance where you want to download an app that offers you to read your favorite Bengali poems but you have had a hard time speaking or writing in Hindi while you were in school. What next?

I am sure that you are going to have a hard time looking for such an app. Either the available options will bear an all English/Hindi interface or the app will be simply a Spam one!

And lastly, you’ll end up having your tangy pickle dreams, all shattered and by the time you will get relevant results, the urge to quench the thirst for poetry will subside and you might have already fallen sleep.

The main concern that we all stumble upon today is that the one play store offers apps that usually bear an English or Hindi interface. But for most of us who live in rural outskirts and are not well versed in either of the languages or for those of us who want to have something that suits their taste and that too in their own tongue, internet surfing proves to be a waste of time.

Now here is the deal! India App Stores is the ultimate solution to all your headaches. The first ever app store in India that offers apps to the users in their own native languages. No more freaking out and no more other translators! Simply key in the website credentials in your browser and get to search a diverse range of apps belonging to different categories ranging from book, art, automobile to beauty, cosmetics and business.

The website has emerged as a pioneer in the digital marketing platform as it has taken up a unique initiative to bring native languages in a close proximity with technology. The website also offers platforms to budding application developers to share their application and helps fetch them customers who throng the app stores night and day in search of desired application.

India is on the verge of becoming a digital hegemony as the number of smartphone users has witnessed an elevation and will continue to escalate in nearby future. Therefore, its best to find soothing solution in your own native language rather than going for English or Hindi if you are not in a mood to. All you have to do is simply throng India App Stores and yours will be done!!

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