Gel well with your culture, on India’s first app store of its kind!

19 January 2018

India app stores is the first ever android app store in India, that makes smartphone technology to all and sundry. By catering apps in native lingo, it has brought native culture to life.

If I say that smartphones have made our life much easier from what it used to be then there is no denying the fact that most of the people will agree with me. Smartphones today, are seen as one of the best and revolutionary inventions that have made a lot of things pretty easier for us. We can connect with anyone across the world irrespective of the distance. With the help of a number of Android apps on mobile app stores, we can transfer funds, self-diagnose our health, listen to anything, search any answer and define in a single word, smartphones have opened doors to almost ‘Everything’. But as it is said that every technology has its own limitations, same is applicable for these smart devices too. We are not aware of the price we are paying just for an easier way to things.

Today, the effect of smartphones on teens and youth have posed a considerable threat to our country’s economy. Not just the college goers or office goers, but children aged between 6 to 13 are becoming the prime victim of smartphone addiction. This is happening mostly because of the negligence of parents. Whenever a child is into mischief, the parents simply hand over their smartphones to the child which is an easy and quick way to keep your child engaged. For many, this is the most convenient way to keep their child out of troubles but they forget that smartphones, if not handled properly, can become the cause of un-ending troubles for an individual. The child gets busy on downloading games from android app stores. He starts giving more time to games and less time to his studies. As a result of which, he falls back in his academics and the gaming addiction completely takes over him.

Now if we talk of youth in India, the biggest challenge that is being faced by this whole community is that they getting dissociated from culture and moral. Besides they are drifting away from their native languages and have developed tendencies of looking down upon those who do not have the ability to speak or read in English. It can be said in a way that, that extensive use of English over Android mobile apps and internet has led to a crisis like a situation where the native languages have to fight for their existence.

Most of the typical Android app stores in India have an all English based interface. The apps, the language, and the descriptions everything is available in English. Because of which, the youth remains practically cut off from his/her native language. Continous exposure to English over internet slowly makes the individual comfortable in English and more and more uncomfortable in his own tongue.

Before the problem could get any worse, India app stores, first ever android app store in India developed by a leading android app development company in Noida, has taken up an initiative to bridge the gap that was widening day by day between the youth and their home languages. This mobile app store is the first of its kind to provide Android to the users in their own language. This is an initial but focused effort towards letting native languages regain their dominance over English.

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