India app store: Another Reason to choose Apps from Android

4 October 2017

There has been always a fight on who is better, Android or iOS? But today we seem to have strong points that can saddle you up in this fight and declare you as the winner. Yes, you read that correctly, scrolling down, you will get to see the top eight reasons to declare why Android is much better than iOS.

1) Highly customizable

The level of customization allowed by the android comes out as one of the strong points. While the iOS wishes to keep control of the apps from the default in order to have the homogenous software as well as software, Android allows you to choose your own state of customization.

2) Best to be afforded

the another strong factor for Android is that it shows its true potential with its power of affordability. The next amazing thing about this display is for sure going to find its way till eternity. For this very big reason, Android is always picked by the budget devices making it more friendly for your pocket.

3) The only open – source available
Unlike iOS, Android comes as the only available open source in this universe which allows versatility to get in and do the magic.

4) high in demand, Always!
The demand of android is never going to go down. Reason being the simple that it is the only available open source which invites everyone and leaves none.

5) Widgets

The widgets of the android have longer remained as the feather in the cap as compared to that of its counterparts icons.  Even Microsoft saw the coming advantage of this widget from android and took the most of it in their windows phones. But somehow iOS lacked it and paid the fair price for the same.

6) multitasking-

yes, this is true that you can do multiple things very well on the iPhone by switching between the apps but what you forget here is that this is actually not near to the multi-tasking offered by Android phones.

7) ad based revenue generation
The idea of Android to remain open source is to cultivate more out of the ads. With more free apps, there would be a high number of users which means that the revenue generation with ads would ultimately be higher.

8) Customizable ROMs-
with the help of custom ROM, there is a high possibility in Android that the software can be replaced. This means that the device would remain the same but with the change of ROM, you will get a new OS. This usually helps in those cases when the manufacturer of the phone does not releases the android update.

Following the footsteps of such great ways, India app stores is an Indian App Store where you can get the apps for free in multiple languages. With this Android mobile app store, the Android app developers will now not be charged for signing up, unlike its counterpart. Here you will get one hell of an experience from Apps for Android, this is assured.

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