India App Stores – A New Definition of Digital India

29 June 2017

India is drifting towards the digital age with the initiative induced by our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. The growth is constantly multiplied by Indians with their new and collective efforts and one such effort is made in the technology niche. The aim of this effort was to connect the local audience to the Indian developers and enhance the app using experience from the user end.

The new way of experiencing apps
Cyber India did the honor of providing the Indians with a new kind of app store which is the most profitable thing anyone can witness. This app store comes loaded with one specialty, various dialects because language matters. Also, with such an intense and rich variation that our country, it was necessary that every person gets to have an application experience.

India App Stores satisfies the need of the common person by providing the applications in the local languages that are widely spoken in India. This is a boon to the common man in this digital age.

Benefits of India App store
To understand the major benefit this app store, let’s consider a very small example. Suppose that a local businessman wishes to expand his or her business in the local market. Then it is completely justified that the person must be quick with digital marketing methods. This means that he or she must have an app but in the language known or spoken widely in that particular area. This is when India App Stores come where you can download your app in the language best suited to you. Hence, the major benefit of having this app store in your mobile.

Not just that the users are going to get benefits from India app stores but the Indian developers too. The benefits provided to them are –
1. Free sign-up

Eliminating the cost of signing-up is the first that a developer will see here. This will help in giving a good start to them.

2. Free app uploads

An opportunity to all the Indian developers where they can put their apps for free and reach the maximum local audience.

3. Assured cash-back

Rs. 250 is the cash-back kept for those developers who successfully upload their apps on the store.

4. A marketplace to benefit the developers

India App Stores has opened a beneficial marketplace where the developers can –

a. Sell the source code of their apps.
b. Sell free templates, if any.

5. For bulk sellers

The app store has also kept a slot ready for those developers who wish to sell their apps in bulk. This means that if an Android developer has 10 applications to upload on the store, he or she will be rewarded with a surprise gift.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the app store has the potential to stand at the maximum and clearly has inevitable reasons for everyone to choose it. No matter whether you are a user or a developer, this Android-based app store has all that Indians need today. For more information visit:-

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