India app stores’ insight into top food and drink apps In India

14 February 2018

Suppose you happen to be a native of Gujarat and you come to New Delhi for some business meeting purpose and plan to stay for almost two weeks. Everything goes well as planned. You have a safe landing, you are welcomed by your subordinates, your place of accommodation is a nice 3-star hotel. Everything seems absolutely fine until you take a look at hotel’s menu. You are completely bewildered on seeing the menu as the entire menu is in English. Not an issue, for the first time in your life you decide to order something online. You pick up your smartphone and open the app store for installing food and drink ordering apps but to your bad luck, every food app is in English. With no one to ask, you try to give an order a sandwich from the hotel, when you wished to have a dhokla.

This might seem funny to many of us but sadly it is true. Many of the food and drink apps that are available for free over Android app stores bear an all English interface. Therefore for a person speaking in a native language, it is almost impossible to understand and interpret English app interface that dominates routine app stores.
But India’s most anticipated app store has finally arrived to put an end to such problems and provide great relief to native language foodies who prefer to order food online rather than spending extra bucks to fetch the ordered food. India app stores is the first ever multilingual app store of India that offers food and drink apps in different native languages to the users. Developed by India top android app development company, India app stores is the first and last destination for native language android app users.

There are different food and drink apps available on India app stores, that can be used to order food easily, especially when you are in a metro city. Some these free android app are:

Foodpanda: This app has gained quick popularity among Indian food and drink lovers. Owing to its easy and quick interface, linkups with popular food and dining houses, a variety of cuisines, quick payment methods and on-time food delivery guarantee, a large number of food lovers form a dedicated user base for this app. This is the main reason behind the five-star rating of this food and drink app in especially in India.

Zomato: This is also one of the best restaurant searching and food ordering app in India. Founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Bhardwaj, this free food and drink ordering android app is used not only by Indians but also by users from Australia, United States, and 20 other countries. This app houses every information related to best food and drink destinations and restaurants along with photos of the restaurant menu, online ordering facility and reviews from its customers.

Swiggy: This Bengaluru based food and drink ordering app is also one of the popular choices for ordering food and drinks online other than Foodpanda and Zomato. This app was launched with an idea to promote best native restaurants that cater delicious food to those living in urban parts of the city. Since then the app has gained popularity and fame as the free Android app for food and drink ordering because of less rigid order and payment policies.

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