India App Stores – Touching the Roots of Digital India

2 June 2017

To get noticed globally is entirely different from getting noticed locally. India is taking a drift towards development on every level and in every sector. The combined motive of every sector is resting on one motive or initiative, “Make in India”. Working on the same goal, people are coming up with things which are not only made in this country but also have the power to multiply rapidly at the local level. Heading in the same direction, India App Stores was launched. This online application store is another moving step in the digital sector of India. Precisely, this is not just an online application store but a platform where the developers from all around the world can target the audience at multiple levels, in multiple languages and with multiple benefits in India or around the world.

A thorough look on the features of this store will make things more clear. This apps store is currently available on android platform and the main benefits of it are summarized under the following –

1. Upload an app

There are many times when many developers don’t get recognized. With our application store, all such concerns will be taken care of. Moreover, the store provides a wide scope or approach for developers who wish to target the audience at ground level and in multiple languages. Also, a developer from any country who plans to get his or her application launched in any local language of India will find this store more convenient.

2. Get your app built

Not a developer but still feel the need for an app? As we have already informed that this is not just a store but a platform, therefore, anyone who wishes to get an app developed will benefit here. A team of dedicated developer will work into making things right and in the correct order for those plan to get their app developed. This team has a very specific and a precise understanding of the digital market and how things work in the Indian market. Therefore, apart from providing a development assistance, our team will ensure a core assistance on the marketing of your app with an absolute zero cost.

3. Sell your app

For those who plan on making money by selling the source code of their developed app can do so here. Our platform renders a very safe and convenient method where developers can get the right value for their apps and hence avoid any kind of fraud. The entire process of making your app available on India app stores is a 14-step process. Also, the listing of the app is completely free here and there are no hidden charges applicable.

India app stores is not the first step towards growing India as well as not the last step but certainly the perfect step of making things preferable and demanding for the person in contact at local as well as global level.

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