Indian Languages Meet-up 2017, Awakening the need of Indian languages.

8 December 2017“India has 22+ constitutional languages but no Indian language in the apps used by the Indian users”

This may seem as an obvious fact to many people but this is the real concern that the people from India are facing today. Ironically, this has not been addressed, even as a concern by Indians but we do react in great numbers when we find anything in our language. To make everyone understand this need, Indian Languages Meet-up was organized.

Powered by the passion and enthusiasm of every volunteer for ILM 2017 and its sponsors, the first meet-up finally happened on December 2nd, 2017 in Noida. The meet-up started exactly as per the planning at around 10 o’clock on a  beautiful and warm winter morning. The motive of organizing this meet-up was to make people understand and realize the need for Indian Languages in this era of technology and what good it will do to the translation industry. Further, the idea relied on making people aware of India’s first ever android app store, India App Store and the A.I. integrated translation tool, Devnagri. The itinerary included two speakers, an engaging game and ample opportunities to meet and communicate to similar mind

The zeal with which people came, it was clear that we Indians don’t just speak their languages but love it from the core of our heart. The commencement of the meet-up was done by the host who presented everyone with a warm welcome and a thank-you-note. Post introduction, the first speaker of the day, Mr. Akash Chaudhary was invited to speak on Indian languages. He spoke for nearly half an hour on the topic starting with a funny screenshot from a social media post. It was his words which brought everyone together. It was him who introduced India App Stores to everyone, the need for this app store and how it will contribute to the growth of Indian languages. The speech from Mr. Akash was engaging and he even had few of the meet-up audience  revert back to his questions and offer their own experience and expertise in the field. He ended his speech by quoting the patriotic and well-reasoned words of Mr. Shashi Tharoor and Jai Hind.

After his speech, came Kumar Ravi, the leading creator of the translation tool, Devnagri. He came in as a whole new hope for the event since he had multiple motives to fulfill such as explaining the future of translation industry, the role of Devnagri in this industry and its working. The way he carried his speech made everyone realize how important is this translation industry. He built wonderfully upon the previous presentation. The endnotes of Mr. Ravi’s presentation took everybody by their heart and made them understand the renowned translation tool, Devnagri.

Between these two speeches, the enthusiastic volunteers of the meet-up also organized a small game for the audience which included questions from and about Indian languages. The games were quite exciting and the winners were awarded goodies as prizes. After the conclusion of both the presentations, everyone was invited to join in for the Q & A session where people did ask some of the intellectually engaging questions related the use of languages, its future and how we as citizens of India can help raising the status of the Indian Languages. After this, the audience was invited for snacks. With every volunteer taking the individual responsibilities, ILM 2017 ended on a happy note.

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