India’s new trend – India App Stores, Accepted by more than 1 Million Indians

2 August 2017

Indians are always crazy with anything coming new but this time it was not just a new thing. This time it was a revolution with a touch down in every Indian heart. With a current status to host countless users joining daily and multiple offers on the go, this is one hell of an entry in the app world. The thrill for this new ongoing trend is inevitable as this is the only entity in 2017 who has broken the language barrier faced by the maximum smartphone users of India. When we live in a country where people demand phones that can be used in their own preferred language, having apps give the same experience is a must.

Yes, you got that right! It is India App Stores (IAS). For those who are still yet to become IASians, we are here to make you hear about some of the facts. Because facts when served hot makes the room hot. To acknowledge the need for more than 80 % Indian smartphone users and give them a splendid mobile app user experience in their preferred language, not a breakthrough but a revolution was needed. A turning point from the Indians to the IASians, India App Stores became the Shape maker, new trendsetter and the big talk of the towns.

What are the Figures Saying?

The figures are not just saying, they are shouting the truth, so loud that even the man sitting at the highest as well as the lowest point of this country can hear it. The essence of this user-oriented app store is spreading like the fire in the forest and is taking everyone under its influence. It would not be wrong to find everyone affected by the enhanced mobile app experience rendered by this Android based app store. Not just to my surprise but to the utter surprise of the creators of India App Stores, the expectation of daily users joining this war is going tremendously high. The numbers will soon reach beyond the reach of the count. Further, the number of developers who signed up in has reached 10,000 while the number of apps uploaded in the store has gone beyond 6,500. The figures have hit the developers community quite hard and have shaken them deeply. Now, the only thing that remains here is when are you turning into an IASian. India app stores providing the marketplace to developers to sell and buy their app. contact us for more information

A Market place at its Best 

India App Stores is attributed to be the best market place for multiple reasons. The best and the most prominent reason is that it allows a free way for Android app developers to sell their Android based applications. Rendering a perfect market place for the developers is what IAS aims at. Moreover, the app store has kept exclusive surprised for the developers when they upload multiple apps. Therefore, not just the developers can earn from here but also get exciting prizes. What are you still waiting for? Signup now with indiaAppStores 

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