Mobile app Development in the Coming Years

27 December 2017

To make things fall in the right order, there are three necessary things – Nicely, timely and efficiently. For traditional people, this is not possible every time because, with the progressing time, traditions are changing on a regular basis. It is a bitter truth that people who do not keep up with the changing time are no good to anyone. The changing time has moved us from doing things on the computer to mobile apps.

As a matter of fact, there are more than one apps for any particular tasks which vary on the basis of user-friendliness and effectiveness. However, this is the reason for the booming of mobile application and its development in the market. The interesting fact here is that Android app developments consist of 80% market share.

Why android application development?

An app is originally utilized to accomplish the complex tasks. Due to this, things have begun to look like a piece of cake. The real break came with Android ecosystem including such stimulating things such as Android Studio, Gradle and Android 5.0 Lollipop. These sync excellently with ever-rising mobile devices due to the hassle-free facilitation and working of apps depending from one platform to another. Android app development also supports open source and access tools available in the market.


Being developed on an Intelligent platform, this one is an extremely stable one which also comes with exciting themes, highlighting plugins that manage the file versioning process and extensive code review. It supports the transition of existing apps apart from extending help for developing new apps which are based out of various platforms.


Gradle helps in the building of teams, automating and delivering software which is better and faster ranging from mobile apps to microservices and small startups to big enterprises.
It always does to what it tells. The language is supported by your choice which can be on any platform. It hardly matters if you choose mono or multiple repositories.


supported by multiple Android app stores in India, Lollipop is a truly proven help for the Android app developers. There are various fundamental changes that are introduced in Android and it needs developers to watch them and utilize them up to the fullest. Apart from it, Google also introduced Material Design which helped in the improvement of the looks of apps.


till now, most of the Mobile development companies in India have used java for the development of Android apps. But that’s not the case with the India App Stores. Also, now there has come more languages which are effective and make the app development task quite easy. These new languages include Groovy, Scala, and Kotlin. The use of Groovy is already done in Gradle and the results are quite great. Therefore, there remains no reason so as to why it shouldn’t be tried in the app development on the Android platform.

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