Never said Before Updates of iOS 11 revealed! Must read by every Mobile User.

7 September 2017

The 11th prime release of the iOS mobile operating system is iOS 11 and is developed by Apple Inc. This successor of iOS 10 was announced at Worldwide Developers Conference of the company on June 5, 2017. the release of its beta version for developers happened after the keynote presentation along with a public beta. The stable version of this OS is expected to be out in the third quarter of 2017.

There are many changes that people will see in this version of iOS among which the lock screen and Notification Center will come combined. This combination will allow all the notifications to appear directly on the lock screen. To provide more options, the various pages of control centre will be unified and will thus gain custom settings. With this update, the App Store will get a visual overhaul which will focus more on the editorial content as well as the daily highlights. To provide a more detail on such changes, kindly follow this write- up here –

1. Siri

The most important update which will come to Siri is that it will support language translation and will have more human voice. English, French, Chinese, Italian, German and Spanish languages will now be available. Also, it will support follow-up questions and the users will also be allowed to type to Siri.

2. Settings –

“Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode will be added to this latest version of iOS which will let users block any form of unnecessary notifications. With an auto-reply feature, a specific reply will be sent to the senders of the messages which will let them know that the user is now unavailable via text. Another new feature, “Smart Invert” dubbed as “dark mode” inverts the colors on the display and not for the images but also for some apps, and user interfaces elements.

3. Camera –

This update will give power to the camera by introducing optical image stabilization, the high dynamic range for portrait photos and flash photography. Now, live photos will receive new “Bounce”, “Loop” and “Long Exposure” effects. The encoding of videos will come encoded in new High-Efficiency Video Coding video compression format which will enable enhanced quality while decreasing the size by half.

4. Oher changes include –

a) The default system keyboard of iOS 11 in one-handed mode will introduce QR code scanning support via the Camera app.
b) The passwords can now be sent wirelessly by nearby iOS 11 or higher Sierra to the iOS 11 device which is attempting to connect. This will streamline the connection process.
c) Now the volume overlay will no more cover the video screen and a smaller scrubber will appear on the top right.
d) Third-party apps can now exercise the power of iCloud Keychain to support auto filling of passwords.
e) The information of the user will be displayed in the Spotlight with the help of a dedicated widget.
f) The Settings, Maps, Camera, iTunes Store, Clock and App Store all will come with new icons.
g) iOS 11 has changed the cellular network strength icons to four signal bars from five dots which was earlier seen in the versions before iOS 7.

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