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23 June 2017

The world is going into a trance mode of android with the amount of increased users of the same. So is increasing the number of Android app developers in the world. As per our expert an android app developer, “Andriod will never run out of updates and that is why it is the better platform to do something new everytime”. Clearly, this means that there will always be a steady supply of apps as well as the developers. Recently, Android proved this line by releasing the new version of Android,  Android O.

An overview on  Android O –
The codename given to the recent Android update is “Android O”. This  Android mobile operating system is a new and updated version of all the platforms that have been developed so far. The first release for this platform happened as an alpha quality developer preview. The first launch of this platform was done on March 21, 2017, while the second was done on May 17, 2017. The second release marked the release of beta quality. The third developer preview for Android app developers was done on June 8, 2017.

The benefit of such new releases –
These new updates are just like a new kid to all the Android app developers all over the world. This means that they will –
1. Update their existing apps in accordance with the latest Android update and will create new apps in the way the update has been launched.
2. Get more work with the latest android app.
3. Get more power to run good and big apps which they might not able to do in the previous versions.
4. Provide an improved user interface to the Android users.

There are lot more benefits that one can enjoy. Apart from this, when the apps are updated, a notification reaches the customer device stating the update notification for that particular app. This notification is sent to the customer via the app store. But now, with so many updates happening in the world of Mobile app stores, there has come a new kind of store – The India App Stores.

Why India App Stores?

India App Stores holds a lot more excitement for the user as well as the developer of applications. The detailed explanation of the benefits enjoyed by the both of them has been provided below –

1. For Android app developers –

this Mobile app stores does not ask for cost on sign up and even provides assured cash back to the developers on successful sign-up. Apart from this, India App Stores gives free testing for the app uploaded by the developer and also helps with various templates using which one can start working on its new app.

2. For user –

The user will be able to download apps in as much as 8 languages which mean that now those people will be able to taste the app experience who prefer local or native language from our country.

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