The Multilingual app store of India is here!

5 December 2017

Android app stores are many in this country but the only Multilingual app store we have is India App stores.

When you talk, what language do you use more often? Is it one only? The answer would be a perfect “No” because there exists no person in this entire nation who speaks only one language. But then we people are comfortable with using the apps in one language. Yes, coming straightly to the point, today we would like to quote a very significant issue that our country is facing. The concern of utilizing the only language in apps, that too in a country where there are people from multiple dialects and come from diverse origin.

It is not to be quoted that India is a land of democracy, diversity, and multi-linguism, yet the people of India use something which is related to their daily lives in one language. Also, no one wishes or even bother to think about it even for once. Possible reasons for such negligence can be –

They are comfortable with the language used in the apps.
They are aware but fail to speak against it because they may think it’s not their job to talk about it.
They don’t know whom to complain about it otherwise a big fat pile of complaints would be present since Indians are quite good at complaining. (This is not about any one person but the general and common person from anywhere in the country).

All these reasons may seem to be of comparatively low importance but when talking about them to a thing as big as Android apps stores, they come as huge. Contradictorily, it can be accepted to the fact that the Indians are comfortable with the use of language in the apps. But in reality, this acceptance is only limited to the young India only which does not even constitutes the 30 percent of the population. Since a large part of the population is from the age of 30 to 40 plus which is certainly not comfortable with the use of language in the apps. To understand this better, let’s catch up with a very common example –

suppose that your mother or grandmother has started to use a smartphone recently who may be or may not be reading the language, English. But on the other hand, she can be very good at the language Hindi or any other Indian dialect. Let’s say, she understands few of the words from the English language but then how do you expect to taste that user experience which you have? How do you think that she would be able to express herself completely while using a chat application? The list of such queries go on but the answer to any of them lies nowhere.

How to resolve?

Well, this is not a complaint at a call center but a very big nation where the entire nation comes to the light. Therefore, to tackle any such situations and give the major part of the country a very smooth user-experience, India’s first ever multi-linguistic app store, IndiaAppStores has been launched. This app store is not just a mere platform but a whole new dimension for apps where they would be dressed in different languages from India.
Yes, India App Stores is the coming future of India and the right initiative towards digitalizing every-time in this digital era. Want to know more about this amazing app store? Click here.

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