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16 June 2017

The write-up that we are going to create today is originally going to focus on the need of Mobile app stores and what will happen if there were no app stores. An app store is basically a home to every application which being launched. Although one can get an application via its apk file, still that would be counted as a threat to your device. Therefore, all the applications that you download from the Android app stores come with verification and zero harm to your device.

India App Store: The latest entry

Although there are certain app stores where you can download any app of your choice, therefore, why have another app store. The launch of India App Stores is just a new approach to the user as well as the developer end. With the following benefits-

1. Free sign-up.
2. Free testing
3. Assured cashback on sign-up.

This newly launched app store is a home where you can get you application uploaded for free, unlike its counterparts. Moreover, this is the only app store where you can get you application translated into multi languages.

How is this translation helpful?

This is a matter of interest as an app is a new way to grab hold of the audience and reach them instantly. Therefore, suppose there is a person who is planning to extend his or her business in the area with the help of an app. Which language do you think will be more preferred in the app here? Obviously, this has to be the preferred language rather than the English language. Therefore, to embrace this fact, India App Stores is being built with the agenda to provide the same platform to the Android developers which will, in turn, help the users too.

How this Android app store different from others?

There is no question like that. Is there any android app store which provides free sign up? Is there any android app store which provides cash-back on sign up? Is there any android app store which provides free templates? Is there any android app store which provides free testing for apps? If no then why do you have to put up such a question because that’s exactly what are we talking here, the app store is entirely different but similar inside.

Why join India App Stores?

Yes, this is the question that must be answered. There is no compulsion that you need to join this app store but there are reasons that will surely question your act of not joining this platform. After all, every act requires a solid reason to be executed and we have got some of the best ones like –
1. Free download of graphic templates to give you a head start.
2. Assured possibility to upload your app in multiple languages.
3. Free publicity along with new users to earn high profit.

The app store is not just a mere store but a powerhouse to give extreme opportunities to the Android developers. Also, it is assured that this multi-linguistic approach in our app store will surely provide high profits to those developers who sign-up here. Are you?

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