Whatsapp Business: An Ultimate Business Android app in India

5 February 2018

Trending over most of the app stores in India is Whatsapp’s business app which has been made available to all WhatsApp users in India. This android app has been launched in order to cover and benefit that particular customer base who prefer using this messaging platform for various business purposes. And those who don’t want to use WhatsApp as a platform for business interactions are not required to download or upgrade to the existing app. This android app is being referred to as most innovative app by Android app developers in India and a relief to those business enterprises who prefer to use WhatsApp for commercial purposes.

How does the app work:
In order to create an account on WhatsApp business android app in India, a user needs to have a legal business mobile number that is used for dealing with other business enterprises. A user can’t use the same number for regular WhatsApp account and a WhatsApp business account at the same time. If a user tries to do so then both the apps will notify the user to deregister one of the accounts from one of the desired android app. Android app developers in India have nodded to the apps security features also allowing universal acceptance by the business universe.

This business app from WhatsApp is specially designed for corporates to enrich their customer database and get maximum reach through this messaging platform. The ‘Terms of Use’ for Whatsapp business clearly state that a company or a business needs to have permission from the user before sending him business offers and before making a contact. According to the Legal terms and conditions for Whatsapp business account bearers, “You may only contact people on Whatsapp only if, they have provided you their WhatsApp name, number, and consent before contacting them.”

Identifying a valid Whatsapp business account:
you can identify this peculiar app on almost every android app stores in India. Those WhatsApp business accounts that have been successfully confirmed will bear a grey checkmark badge on their profiles if the phone number provided has been confirmed by WhatsApp. Whereas an account that hasn’t been verified will bear a grey question mark over its profile.

Contacting customers on Whatsapp business:
Regarding fetching the consent of the customers for being contacted, the situation is still not much clear as to how this consent will be gathered. Today, we share our mobile number on every single online marketing and shopping platform. Our numbers are then stored in databases of different companies for example while booking a movie ticket or ordering a product online you register with your mobile number. That number can be used to contact you on WhatsApp but only with your permission. And how the company will fetch this permission is still unclear.

What if Whatsapp business account contacts bothers you a lot:
You can easily block or mark those business contacts on WhatsApp in the same way as you do on a regular Whatsapp app. Android app developers of Whatsapp business have provided extra security options to ensure that the customers being contacted do not get irritated because of frequent messages. Also, there is no need to share any payment related information on Whatsapp business. Therefore most of the Android app stores in India have given this ap a warm welcome. India app stores is also one such revolutionary multilingual android app stores in India that offers a variety of business-related android app. Check out exclusive apps available on India app stores today.

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