Why are Native Languages an Important Part of Indian Diversity?

30 August 2017

Language is the way of expressing your feelings and it has been evident from thousands of years back. In our country itself, around 75 percent of the families speak the Indo-Aryan language while 20 percent speak the Dravidian language. With this small static, you can actually see that the native languages are more into use which means that these languages are potentially capable of expressing excellently the views.

The benefit of multilingualism comes in effect with respect to the intellectual and the academic capacity, especially to the young generation of the country. In a collective manner, these native languages hold a very great importance for the nation as well as the individual. The following facts shall prove the worth –

Understanding becomes more clear-
The way people communicate leads to the communication. Therefore, when the communication is carried out in native languages the understanding will grow and hence the worth.

The identity remains intact –

The identification of oneself and of a country is determined by the native language. Also, it renders a very particular medium with which you can preserve your cultural heritage and traditional values so that they are passed on to generations.

History is made

The history of any nation is written in its native language and hence the history is remembered or else the nation may fall prey to zero credibility. Moreover, history derives the glories of one’s country upon which the people look forward to.

If an individual master its native language then he or she can get economically stable and support in the economy of the country as well (as in case of tourist guides).

Staying in Touch with Your Roots –

When you are a learned person with a native language, you re more connected with your ancestors as well as the culture. It is undoubtedly important to stay in touch with the original you, who were your ancestors. It defines your individual credibility.

It isn’t necessary that the use of native languages gets limited to better communication and understanding only but also help us in getting a good knowledge over pour nation;s history and our ancestors. With native languages known to the person, a sense of appreciation and understanding gets cultivated which is beyond any benefit for the children. Cases where such children are from varied familial backgrounds, it is actually very important.

The final statement –

Overall, it can be seen that there are multiple benefits of native language and therefore holds enough reason to support as well preserve it. Apart from the benefits, you actually enjoy by entertaining people of other community who aren’t aware of your language. This is only making you and your people proud.
Having said that, we still even after breathing in 2017 find ourselves limiting to only one language. The question that rises here is why? With 23 official languages on-board, why are we still limiting ourselves? The answer won’t just change you but evolve many things in your life. For any multi linguistic app visit: http://www.indiaappstores.com/

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