Work on India App Stores with Kotlin

7 July 2017

it has been seen that the adoption of Kotlin has been done steadily on the Android in the past years and the same is rising. This has increased the level of excitement among the developers. As per them, this programming language is very expressive, extensible, concise, a joy to read and write. There are wonderful safety features when you talk about the null-ability and immutability that aligns with the investments making Android apps performant and healthy. This has, therefore, become the official language for Android.

If it happens that you are attracted to this language then you can easily get started with it as it works simultaneously side by side with Java and C++ on the Android platform. This means that keeping the existing code is quite easy and the continuation to utilize the various Android libraries can also be done by adding this language along with it. This language is quite different from other language and this can be used bi-directionally which means that as an android app developer, you can call into the Java from it and Kotlin from the Java.

The support and IDE are quite important and it has it too. The Android Studio is developed upon IntelliJ IDEA, by JetBrains which is the same company who created this wonderful language. The team of JetBrains has worked for many years just to ensure that this language created by them works swiftly with IntelliJ IDEA. If started with Android Studio 3.0, Kotlin’s tooling support gets directly bundled into Android Studio.

Why is this language extremely important?

This language is an excellent fit for the android platform not just that the developers want it but for the fact that it matches with the spirit of the Android platform. Android and this language, both are source code and can primarily run with Apache 2. this involves a complete community and not just belong to one company.

Just like this language is new and profitable to the Android app developers, the same can be said about the India App Stores. This is India’s first app store which has the ability to work on the same language and hence benefits the app developers. This is not just the one benefit which anyone can expect from this app store. This Android based mobile app store which is created in India, for Indians, and by Indians has the following benefits –

1. Sign – up to upload the apps at absolutely no cost.
2. Assured cash-back on successful sign – ups to the developers who upload their app on this platform.
3. A contribution from your side in the Digital India Programme started by the government of India.
4. Get your app converted into multiple Indian dialects because why not when language matters.

Therefore, of you are an Android developer and you are looking for a platform where you can work with this programming language then you need to sign up now by visiting the official website of India App Stores.

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